Garry Pieters

Garry Pieters
Garry Pieters

Independent Director
The Directors' Office

19, rue de Bitbourg
L-1273 Luxembourg

Phone : (+352) 26 00 21 496
 Fax : (+352) 26 00 21 499

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Garry Pieters is a Partner of The Directors’ Office, the leading practice of independent Directors in Luxembourg.

Garry has 32 years of experience in the field of finance and asset management. His experience in the financial industry and in particular of fund management covers investment management, product development, legal, marketing, distribution and general management. He has been directly responsible for fund launches of various types of portfolios including plain vanilla, derivative, funds of funds and alternative strategy funds.

Garry Pieters has worked in Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Asia.


Bi-lingual in Dutch and English. Good German and French. Basic Korean

Education and studies

Several specialised and management courses

1983 to 2005 - Including: C.F.T.C. Series III, A.I.F. Treasury Management Course, Investment Representative (Monetary Authority of Singapore), Approved Fund Manager (Financial Supervisory Service Korea)


1976 to 1978 - College, IVA-Driebergen

Professional activities

Independent Director
2000 to date - A number of financial and commercial organisations
1996 to 2000 - ING funds and management companies
Chairman and Board member
2000 to 2006 - Several financial service organisations and institutions
Director Business Development
2006 to 2009 - ING Investment Management, the Hague
Executive Vice President
2005 to 2006 - ING Life /Seoul, Korea
Executive Vice President
2002 to 2005 - KB Asset Management /Seoul, Korea
Chief Executive Officer
2000 to 2002 - OUB Optimix Funds Management, Singapore
General Manager
1996 to 2000 - ING Investment Management, Luxembourg
Senior Investment Manager
1994 to 1996  - ING Bank (Luxembourg) S.A., Luxembourg
Senior Dealer / Senior Fund Manager
1987 to 1994  - Postbank N.V. / NMB-Postbank N.V., Amsterdam
1984 to 1987 - Commerzbank Nederland N.V., Amsterdam